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Gine Canesten 20mg/g Crema Vaginal


GINE CANESTEN 2 VAGINAL CREAM 20 G is a vaginal cream to treat vaginal yeast infections or candidiasis. Soothe vaginal itching and burning. An applicator is placed every 24 hours for 3 consecutive days. If necessary, another additional treatment can be carried out..


Adults: apply a load of the vaginal device once a day, preferably at night, for a period of 3 consecutive days. If symptoms persist at the end of treatment or recur in 2 months, consult your doctor.

Treatment should not be started during menstruation. Likewise, it must be completed before it begins.

In the case of extensive vulvar candidiasis, additional treatment with topical antifungals may be necessary.

Adolescents & gt; 12 years: the same as adults.

Girls & lt; 12 years: not recommended.

Elderly: no specific dosage recommendations have been made.

Missed dose: administer the next dose at the usual time. Do not double the next dose.



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