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Comba Rapida 2.0

  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT FOR YOU TO FLY: Check it out, they are the lightest competition jump ropes ever made of aluminum, period.

  • EASILY ADJUST THEM TO ANY HEIGHT: Thanks to its 3.5 meters of cable and the adjustment system included in the handle.

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The section changes of the handle and the rough finish of the weightlifting bar allow a comfortable and firm grip.

  • DESIGNED FOR COMPETITION: Used to jump by hundreds of athletes in international competitions and daily workouts.

  • THE LIGHTEST GRIPS: The highest quality aluminum combined with the engineering level limit to produce the strongest and lightest grips among jump ropes.


    The Fire 2.0 rope includes an allen key inside that allows any athlete to adjust the length of the cable. Easy to adjust anytime, anywhere.
  • DO NOT STOP TRAINING: The best high speed bearings combined with a 90º angle cable to prevent the cable from tangling and you will not stop again during your training.

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